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The Church in the Air… with pst tomowo, is a church without walls and borders; aimed at setting men up with God, for a Glorious Turnaround. We engage in several outreaches to achieve this goal: Weekly broadcasts on social media, LIFE Coaching program, Intercession and Praying Team, Free Bible and Books distributions, Faith-Based Inspired Books Publications, Peace Embassy (Our Helping arm), 100 Million Souls for Christ Campaign, Church Networking, and Rewards Programs, among others.

The Church in the Air Rewards is an arm of the Church in the Air, reaching out to more people with inspired faith-based content on common social media platforms. It rewards active participation with inspired faith-based content such as watching, liking, sharing or commenting on messages on social media; reviewing and referring people to engage in faith-based content. As you participate, you earn points that can be converted to cash whenever you want it.

It is an opportunity to earn money while doing CHRIST. Although this may not be a massive stream of income; nevertheless, it can add up to settling a lot of personal bills. The fun part is that you are being paid and rewarded while doing what you love most: being Blessed with God’s Word!

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